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3 Respectable Ways to Fight Fire with Fire. . . When FIRE = TECHNOLOGY

19 March, 2014   by Matthew Greene

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In the years leading up to Chimera's birth, Nicole and I watched as digital technology transformed from a mere set of tools into a way of life. When e-mail, instant messaging, texting, and social media came into the picture, we entered the digital world as members of a generation who inherently knew how to use the tools at hand. Technology use is now pervasive, and many children move through the world as primarily digital selves.

But we aren't robots. Rather than countless electrical parts and programs, humans instead house a complex emotional and behavioral system, one characterized by wonder and innocence, but also by wildness and grotesqueness. In our children's book, in our conversations, in our daily life, we continually ask the question:

What happens when a person’s life shifts from the physical real to virtual reality?

Here are 3 respectable ways to fight technology with technology and become a more conscious user:

  1. Select a person from your Contacts list and meet him/her for coffee.

    During your conversation, pay attention to the person sitting in front of you, not the one inside the phone. We've all been victims of the Conversation Texter. Many of us have played the role ourselves. After spending five minutes telling you why you should quit your job, the Conversation Texter will wait for your response. But when it comes, when you finally begin to speak, the CT will check their phone for text messages. They might even reply to one. At this point, both parties are no longer interested in the conversation, which was basically dead on arrival, anyway. The great thing about text messages? Most aren't urgent. Devices allow us to communicate with our friends and loved ones, even colleagues and other professionals, but they really don't need much attention. Combat your own CT urges by making consistent eye contact and leaving the phone in your pocket (or in that death-grip you've got) for minutes at a time. The person with whom you're speaking will sincerely appreciate it.

    There's no substitute for undivided attention.

  2. Use Google to see how many people have the same phone you do.

    Despite what the cool kids told you, fitting in is overrated. In March 2014, at 25 years old, with a special knowledge of Internet marketing, I, Matt Greene, own a flip phone. Is it because I don't know how to use the new tech? Because I don't understand its capabilities? Because I'm trying to be hip, different, unique? Nay, nay, nay. It's about getting what I need from the device. Not what marketers tell me I need. When we launched our new web store, for example, and could use a mobile app to process purchases, we bought an iPhone, thereby increasing payment options for the customers who visit us at art shows.

    To figure out what you need, try to go an entire day using your device only for work or emergencies. WARNING: You'll likely feel that you've missed something, that the world has carried on without you. And that's just it – your presence in the digital world is welcomed, but not necessary. In the physical real, however, you are always needed. By your friends, by your colleagues, by your children.

    You want to be unique in today's world? Be a good listener.

  3. Take note of how much time your Facebook friends seem to have.

    Look at how many photos Sheila posted yesterday. Look at all the fish Dan caught at the lake. Then look in the mirror. Then, if you're not too tired, look at the clock. But don't fret over it. Simply think of the next hour as the rest of your life. As the minutes/years tick by, think about the preciousness of a single second. Think about your technology use, and how much of your time is spent clicking, swiping, and scrolling. Realize that the devices have control. And we gave it to them. So let's take control back. Not by ignoring our devices completely, but rather by being aware of how, and how frequently, we're using them. Think moderation.

Don't go on a diet. Just live a healthy life.

This article is the cornerstone of Chimera Creative Works' existence. By building meaningful relationships, being honest, and practicing empathy on a daily basis, we ensure satisfaction from our customers, and from ourselves.

Cozy Up For A Cause hits its mark

23 January, 2014   by Matthew Greene

    everything SOLD!

Providing support to local charities, Cozy Up For A Cause put on its first event last Saturday – an art auction to benefit Hunger Free Vermont. We're happy to say that the event raised over $1100 for the nonprofit organization, who fights to end the injustice of hunger and malnutrition in the Green Mountain state. Given the success of this first auction, Lizz Higdon of Cozy Up is looking to the future, planning to hold another auction sometime this fall.

Thanks to all who came out to ArtsRiot for the event!

Coming in February: HeART Attack! at the S.P.A.C.E. Gallery. More details to come.

New website, same great taste

04 January, 2014   by Matthew Greene

Happy 2014!

Whether you're visiting us for the first time or you've been here before, we want to welcome you to our new site, and thank you for checking us out. We'll be posting a lot of new projects – art, writing, musings –  in the weeks and months to come, and we invite you to check in regularly.

In our product catalog, you'll find:

art for $30 and under

freelance art and writing services

original paintings and prints

the latest chapbook, Patients

and previous works

We need your help to spread the word about Chimera Creative Works! You can do this by sharing your favorite products and posts on social media, or by telling your friends and family about the work we're doing. We're a bit old-fashioned, so we love meeting people in person, but if you can't make it to an event, or live so far away from Vermont that you're convinced it's in Canada, then engage us on our newly established pages at Facebook and Google+. And by subscribing to our monthly e-mails, you'll receive exclusive discount codes, product updates, and more.

We hope to talk to you soon,
Matt and Nicole

Last Chance for Therapy!

27 August, 2013   by Matthew Greene

Nicole Christman's Awkward Years

Greetings, folks!

This Friday, August 30th, will see the final reception of Nicole's solo show, "Psycho Therapy," which means that if you haven't yet made it to Green Door studio, now's your chance! The gallery space, which features Nicole's paintings, wood burnings, and more, will also be selling Matt's new book of fiction and poetry, Patients, with letterpressed covers and original sketches by Nicole. Please contact us with any questions.

Come to Green Door for some great art, visit the South End Truck Stop for some great food, and stick around for conversations with great people. "Psycho Therapy" has been a huge success thanks to friends, family, and community members, whose kindness goes beyond words. We will most certainly take that energy as we move into September and prepare for the South End Art Hop, during which Green Door will showcase the work of numerous artists, and most certainly have the live music and events that make our little back alley the place to be. The Art Hop will be underway September 6-8th, and more information can be found on SEABA's website.

Thanks again for your feedback and we'll talk to you soon!


11 August, 2013   by Matthew Greene


There have now been two receptions for Nicole's art show, "Psycho Therapy," and with three still to go, there's plenty of time to see the amazing work on display. Join us every Friday in August from 5-9 pm at the Green Door Studio in Burlington for art, music, refreshments, and Matt's new chapbook, Patients, which is on sale for $10. Since May, Friday nights behind Speeder and Earl's on Pine Street have seen the ever popular South End Truck Stop, a place to eat great local food and talk with energetic, unique people. And just around the corner, there we'll be.

In case you haven't picked up the latest Seven Days, there was a terrific blurb about the art show in this week's issue. Help us to continue the buzz about "Psycho Therapy" and tell anyone and everyone you know. If you can't make it on a Friday and would like to set up a time to see the show, feel free to e-mail us or call us at (802) 318-0963.

Let's make each Friday better than the last! Until then!