About Chimera Creative Works


The artistic partnership of Nicole Christman and Matthew Greene goes back nearly a decade. Chimera Creative Works, which became official in January of 2013, is our creative love child. We're both graduates of Goddard College, where we studied creative writing and visual art and completed our first collaborative projects.


We'll let you define Chimera (ky-mare-uh) as you see fit. 


We aspire to create art of substance and tangibility. We couple our background in the arts with extensive customer service experience to support our customers' long-term satisfaction. When you buy from us, you are buying from friendly, down-to-earth people who actually care about what they, and you, are doing. We are committed to delivering high quality creative work every single time out.


Visit our online store to buy original paintings and prints by Nicole, as well as Matt's latest chapbook, Patients. Our shopping cart is 100% secure, with 128-bit SSL encryption and PCI compliance provided by Shopify, our e-commerce platform. We accept PayPal and all major credit cards.